The Boo Radley Foundation - Healing Man and Man's Best Friend

The Boo Radley FoundationThe Boo Radley Foundation is a first of its kind 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established to promote medical research for diseases that are common to humans and our companion animals. Unfortunately, our companion animals develop and die from many of the same diseases that afflict humans. These diseases include numerous forms of cancer, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, influenza, metabolic storage diseases, such as lysosomal storage disorders, and many, many others.

Scientists have discovered that many of these diseases respond to treatment in animals in the same way that these diseases respond to treatment in humans. Because these diseases spontaneously occur in companion animals in the same manner that they occur in humans, studying and treating the diseases in a companion animal offers researchers a faster and more reliable path to new treatments for humans than the traditional murine (mouse) model where diseases are "cultivated" in mice. Studying and treating these diseases in companion animals as a way to find new treatments for humans is referred to as translational or comparative medicine and is a part of the One Health and One Medicine philosophies of medicine.

Cancer is now the number one cause of human deaths globally and the number one cause of death in dogs in the U.S. Researchers estimate that 50% of all dogs in the U.S. that live to be ten years or older will develop cancer. Sadly, most will not survive. Combined with the large number of non-cancerous diseases we share with our pets, researchers in the 21st Century have tremendous opportunities to develop new therapies that may save or prolong, not only human lives, but also the lives of our pets. The motto of the Boo Radley Foundation is Healing Man and Man's Best Friend.

The Boo Radley Foundation is named for a black Labrador Retriever who developed a glioblastoma brain tumor. Boo was a pioneer in the first brain tumor clinical trials studying brain tumors in dogs as an accelerated path to new treatments for humans with malignant brain tumors. Learn more about Boo here.

In order to continue sponsorship of clinical research and provide assistance for treatment, the Boo Radley Foundation needs your help. Please consider making a donation. Any amount, no matter how great or how small, will be appreciated and well-used. Click on the Donate button to make a donation online via PayPal, or download this formPDF File to fill out and mail in with your check.

Our Sponsors

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