The Boo Radley Foundation - Healing Man and Man's Best Friend

The Boo Radley FoundationThe Boo Radley Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation established to benefit humans and canines through funding canine brain cancer research and clinical trials. The Foundation also provides assistance to pet owners whose dogs have been diagnosed with brain cancer and are participating in a clinical trial.

Historically, malignant brain tumors have been resistant to treatment and among the most lethal forms of cancer in both humans and dogs. A little more than a decade ago, medical researchers determined that dogs develop the same types of malignant cranial tumors found in humans, which in turn led to dogs serving as pre-clinical models for new brain cancer treatments prior to human testing. The result has proven beneficial to both humans and dogs.

While advances in veterinary medicine and diagnostics make the confirmation of a canine brain tumor more readily available, the financial costs of the diagnostics and treatment are well beyond the means of many American families. The Boo Radley Foundation is committed to increasing awareness of new diagnostic techniques and treatment options, providing information on clinical trials, and financially supporting dog owners who enroll their dogs in a clinical trial.

In order to continue sponsorship of clinical research and provide assistance for treatment, the Boo Radley Foundation needs your help. Please consider making a donation. Any amount, no matter how great or how small, will be appreciated and well-used. Click on the Donate button to make a donation online via PayPal, or download this formPDF File to fill out and mail in with your check.

Our Sponsors

The Boo Radley Foundation thanks these major sponsors for their valuable assistance and contributions.

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